welcome to the future

The future is something we don't often think about, but at the same time, we think about way too much. Whether it's about what humans will look like in 100 years or if a meteor will hit Earth in 5 years. The future is very unpredictable and we have no idea what will happen to us or the world when the future comes. Everyday, we just live our regular lives and don't think about what could happen because we are so focused on the present, but the future is full of many surprises. What will happen as close as next year? What will happen in 20 years? Do you ever wonder what you will look like when you're older? Or what your life will look like? It's very intriguing to just think about. There are so many questions that we just don't have enough information to determine a straightforward answer.



Concept Explanation
Phones more advanced techonology? newer remakes of older phones?
Humans development? growth? robots overpopulating humans?
Technology robots? development? alexa? siri?
Communication texting instead of meeting in person? no more face to face meetings? online instead?
Transportation what will cars, trains, buses, airplanes look like in the future?


first, the present

This year is 2020 and COVID-19 deeply affected everyone around the world. Why is everything happening the way it is? Why does the present look like this? So many unfortunate things have happened this year and it has only been half a year.

what will change?

Robots?...More advanced technology? Transportation? Phones? (remakes of older phones?) what will humans look like and what will communication be like in the future?

how it will affect us

What will humans look like? Will people only have 4 toes because pinky toes don't have any use when walking or running?

the aftermath

What will the world look like? What will life look like? and other questions like those? What will the effects have on us and the world?

author's notes

About the author. How this idea for the website came about? What inspired me to write about this topic?